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An Evening with Pittsburgh Cityscape Artist, Linda Barnicott

Benedum | Pastel | by Linda Barnicott © 2017.  All rights reserved.

Benedum | Pastel | by Linda Barnicott © 2017.  All rights reserved.

Linda Barnicott, a member and Vice President of the Pittsburgh Pastel Artists League, will give a gallery talk on what inspired her to paint Pittsburgh Cityscapes and the stories behind them.

Linda began her career as a portrait artist in 1975. As a young child she found great joy in painting portraits and connecting with those she shared them with. In 1989, LInda was asked by a gallery to create a streetcar painting and chose to paint her bus stop, Kaufmann's department store in downtown Pittsburgh. Using her medium, soft pastels to a leap and painted her very first street scene. The print was an immediate success and launched her career into painting Pittsburgh's greatest memories.  

Loving to paint people, and believing that our city is much more than it's architecture, Linda has always included her family and friends into her paintings.  

Learn more about Linda's paintings and her accomplishments at 

This talk is one of several special events being held in conjuction with Pure Pigment, an exhibition presented by the Pittsburgh Pastel Artists League. Pure Pigment is on display at The Artsmiths from April 9th through May 20th, 2017.