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Golden Bronze Beauties: A Two-Day Workshop

CLASS DESCRIPTION  Spend two afternoon creating beautiful, reversible, golden-colored pendants and / or earrings.

  • Day 1—Wednesday, July 27:  Learn to work with a "metal clay" made from powdered bronze mixed with a powdered organic binder and water.  It will feel like "clay" as you texture, drape, and trim it to fashion your own unique designs. 

  • Between classes: Your creations will be fired in a small electric kiln, to burn off everything but the bronze and to allow those molecules to "sinter" into a solid bronze piece! 

  • Day 2—Thursday, July 28:  Since the firing process can produce some surprises, we'll examine what the kiln gave us!  You will be introduced to several different ways to "finish" your pieces.  Or, if you prefer to keep the look the kiln produced, you may spend the day creating a few more.  

Later Event: July 30
Clasps, Connectors, & Earwires